About us

EME Systems is a specialist mechanical and electrical engineering company. Providing cutting edge solutions to the automotive industry and bringing the latest technology and innovations to all our customers.


Started by two ambitious engineering minded people who were looking to change the way engineering projects are done, by providing the best possible quality of workmanship to the client, while still providing a reliable and safe working system.

With over 50 years experience in the automotive industry from design and concept work to development, coding, commissioning, mechanical engineering and even retro fitment of old equipment all areas of expertise can be catered for by EME Systems.

When approaching your engineering solutions there are an infinite number of options. Let us find the perfect one for you.

Company Directors: Igmé Ferreira and Tony Erasmus



Our workshop is situated in the industrial heart of Uitenhage. Conveniently located opposite Volkswagen South Africa

4 Algoa Road, Uitenhage, 6229.

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We are always looking for new talent.

If you are interested in entering the world of engineering or would like to take your career further, please enter your details and a short description of your experience and qualifications below.




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We, at EME Systems, are a diverse engineering company that offers a wide variety of products which includes the following:


  • HT switching.
  • HT MCC building
  • Automation
  • PLC programming
  • HMI and SCADA work
  • Retro fitment of electronic equipment
  • General industrial electrical
  • General engineering
  • Precision CNC engineering and design
  • Conveyor manufacturing
  • Custom MCC manufacturing
  • Custom PC Panel manufacturing
  • Trolley and stand design and manufacturing

We always strive for excellence and are proud of the products we present to our customers.

Quality and workmanship are our key to unlocking a successful project execution.





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Quality means doing it right when no one is looking

- Henry Ford